Lessons from the Field

66e0e18c-d0ff-414a-89d9-8a110379bc2dSo the World Cup fever has been cured and the ‘resume life’ button has now been pressed, replacing the ‘pause’ button for most football fanatics. (► Resume ■ Stop  ▌▌Pause ◄◄ Rewind). Whether or not you are a fan of football, there are Life and business lessons to be extracted from the game that can be of great value to you. If you want to guarantee a winning score in your life this season, keep reading.
We are all players on the soccer field of life, however, you have to be on the field to score a goal. In other words, decide to be present and show up fully in your life! Don’t be a spectator on the side-lines, just waiting for life to happen to you- Make life happen. Be fully engaged in the game of proactively dreaming big, with the objective of scoring big in your life.

The Second Half is the best part of the game because this is when the game is won! So whether this translates to the second half of your life, or the second half of the year as we have entered this month, this is where you either win or lose. There is now a greater sense of urgency to get that goal in. Players put on extra effort to hit the home run and scoop the trophy- there is a different type of energy on the field altogether.

You will find that your opponents will also try to push harder during this period.  Some players can bite, back-bite or try to cause pain in your life, but don’t you worry because the only taste of success that some people will have, is if they get a bite out of you.

Opponents can also come in the form of obstacles, distractions and discouragements. This is the time to ‘sink your teeth in the game’, press in and play harder. The temptation sometimes is to become complacent, thinking we have more time. Procrastination often rears its ugly head, but I want to encourage you to give it all you’ve got and swim against the tide of mediocrity.  You may need to employ new strategies to ensure the winning score, so be adaptable to change- keep training and learning new ways to approach the same game. Subscribe to continuous improvement because you cannot keep using antiquated methods and expect to win in life or business.

During Life’s game, there will be occasions where you have to call for ‘injury time’. This shows, you have not given up, but you may just need to relax, take a back seat and rejuvenate before you get back in the game. Don’t let this be for too long though-remember if you leave a garden un-tendered for too long, the weeds start to take over.

Referees can make decisions that are unfair to your team, for instance: free penalty kicks for opponents or red/yellow cards- life is not always fair but keep playing. It is not what happens to you that matters, but how you react to what happens to you.  Stay the course.

Even if you seem to be losing against the opponent team, don’t walk off the pitch before the whistle blows. You still have a chance even in the last 5 minutes to score that goal. Finish what you start. Honour the game- win or lose with dignity and respect, having given it your best shot. True losing is only when you don’t learn from your experience. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn, and after you have fallen or been pushed down- rise up again.

You can score an ‘own goal’ in your Life. Some business deals can put you at great loss, despite the fact that you gave it your all. At times it may be your own fault if you haven’t done your due diligence, and at other times you may fall victim to deception from a greedy associate who only cares about their own benefit- this is what taking risks is all about. I have been through this. At least try, and if it doesn’t work out, learn and move on. Instinct and the ability to make quick decisions are great traits of winners. Relying on Instinct and not always rationale can bring you a winning score.

Be passionate about what you do. Discipline, coupled with consistent practice behind the scenes surely pays off. Focus on what you can control, and focus on your effort not the outcome.
Finally, Celebrate success! Each winning score is celebrated as well as the ultimate goal. Celebrate the smaller goals you set and win for yourself in Life and Business.

I hope this serves you well for the remaining half of the year, and if anything, that it inspires you to put on a brand new pair of lenses the next time you watch or hear about football 🙂

As always, I would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts, lessons and experiences. Leave a reply or comment, share this article with friends, and look out for new products and programs that I have put in place to help you along your journey in Life and business.





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  1. A brilliant email on football season. Lots of tips to reflect on. I found it to be inspirational. Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely share it.

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