The Blessing of Failure


Success“Let failure be your teacher, not your undertaker”

When I took my driving theory test for the first time, I missed just by one point & I failed it. I felt like the whole world had come crushing down on me & I was the biggest failure ever known to man because how could I fail a simple theory test! I felt dismal, shameful and wanted the world to just cave in on me…Well a bit exaggerated I know, but that was my reality at the time. I remember my Mum consoling me saying ‘sometimes these things happen so that when you finally get it, you will cherish it all the more’. And boy was she correct!  Fast-forward to Today- each time I drive I am grateful & proud because I know I’m a safe driver who is fully qualified to drive those streets.

Now it may sound extremely petty to you, however this was one of my realities & many experiences of failure. Yours could be: A failed relationship, failed business, failed exam, failed job interview, failed contract, a failed marriage- well the list goes on…sometimes it feels like there’s failure all around! Well I came up with an acronym for you. The word FAIL stands for: Find Another Important Lesson! Yes, there is always something to glean from the experiences of failure.

Here are 3 healthy approaches to help you deal with the experience of failure:

1-Change your interpretation of failure:

Failure is an event, not a person. Disassociate yourself from the experience of failure. You are not your experiences. It failed,….not you. YOU are NOT a failure, so take back your power!

2-Change your perception of Failure:

Associate failure with courage, progress & honour.

  • Courage, that you have at least attempted something- you did not sit back & fold your arms.
  • Progress, that you are moving in the right direction & sooner or later, that goal will be achieved.
  • Honour, that it is commendable to at least be doing something than finding excuses & not doing anything. After all, they do not erect statues for cowards, but for those heroes that have fought their way through failure and succeeded!

3-Change your attitude towards Failure:

Fail forward because the more you fail, the more likely you are to succeed as you discover what not to do the next time. Consider Thomas Edison who said, “I have not failed, I have just found 10 000 ways that do not work!” How’s that for a tenacious spirit! Well, the pathway to success is littered with failure & each failure is leading towards success.

So, let failure be your teacher, and not your undertaker. Failure is feedback & feedback is the breakfast of champions!  Be encouraged as you go about living your life, knowing that if you encounter any failure or roadblocks, you are well equipped to overcome and reach your desired goals & destiny.  Have a victorious month!

Best wishes

To your success


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