90 day ‘Write that Book!’ Program
For Aspiring Authors and Entrepreneurs

Week 1-2: MODULE 1

Laying The Foundation For A Profitable Book

  • 3 common mistakes aspiring authors make
  • Outline Template
  • Addressing fears and anxieties about writing your book
  • Psychological barriers that hinder you from progress
  • The truth about validation
  • What you want to be known for
  • Big personal reason why you want to write this book
  • Goals for your business and the book
  • Title Primers- coming up with irresistible Book and chapter titles for your ideal audience
  • Credibility, Visibility, profitability


Week 3-4 MODULE 2

Research Your Topic

  • Ideal audience
  • Brainstorming
  • Planning your time and environment for success
  • Unique Writing models
  • When and how to write


Week 5-6 MODULE

3 Productivity Secrets

  • Productivity secrets- tools to help you move faster in your project
  • Busting Writer’s Block
  • Techniques for good storytelling
  • Tap into the power of your authentic story
  • Facts, statistics, Quotes
  • Block time on calendar


Week 7-8 MODULE 4

The Mechanics Of A Good Book

  • All things editing and cover design
  • A cover for your audience
  • What you might pay for editing
  • Editing for your target audience
  • Copy edit vs content editing

Week 9-10 MODULE 5

Publishing Essentials

  • Layout formatting
  • Print on demand
  • ISBN codes
  • Online distribution
  • Pricing your book
  • Testimonials and reviews

Week 11-12 MODULE 6

Launching Secrets

  • Launch team
  • Amazon and KDP
  • Pre-sells
  • Book Press Kit
  • Professional Bio template



  • Book Promotion & PR
  • Self Publishing Success Secrets


A Final Note From Epi:

A couple of years ago, when I was deciding whether or not to enroll in a coaching program, I told myself that I didn’t need the extra support. I thought I could do it alone and still get big results. After experiencing frustration of my business going nowhere, with no one knowing about me, I realized how key that extra support and accountability really is.

There is no need for you to struggle to make this happen on your own. Why not get the support from someone who has been where you want to go and knows how to make your publishing dreams a reality.

I believe in you and know that with support, success is inevitable.

You can compress your timeline and reach your publishing goals in 90 days!

That’s what this program is about: No longer struggling, and no longer playing the guessing game- you are better than that and I believe in you.

Your desires exist for a reason, I believe you have a powerful message and now is the time to share it.
Let’s make it happen,
To your success,

Hello! I'm Epi Mabika, a book coach for aspiring authors & start-up entrepreneurs who want to establish their credibility to attract dream clients and build their Publishing Empire.