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imgresAs the year draws to an end, you may be experiencing a lot of reflective moments- I know I certainly have, and it’s mainly been around the changes I can see today in comparison to where I was this time last year. This reflective thinking puts life into perspective and can help you consciously decide where you would like to be a year from now.

With me this time last year, I had just released my book “Success Gravity- 7 Keys to unlock your Dream Lifestyle” and still felt mesmerized that I had actually produced something of value that would outlast me. I had been battling with thoughts and feelings of unworthiness prior to this and just couldn’t seem to get past these psychological barriers.


My limiting belief system led me to question whether or not people would like or even read my book? Whether I was qualified enough to write it? What gave me the right to think I could take up such a mammoth task as writing a book?…on and on it went, until I hired a coach to help me get over these psychological barriers that were stopping me from pursuing my dream to become a published author.

During one of the sessions, my coach asked me to close my eyes and describe what I saw, as is done in coaching. So having just been on a Caribbean cruise that time, my thinking was very much influenced by my recent experience of ships and water, so when I closed my eyes, this is what I saw: A lone ship by the sea shore, anchored by a thick brown rope with a huge rusty nail drilled in place. The shore was deserted, a pebbled beach with empty houses overlooking the sea, and only street-lights were on as it was night time. Then he asked me, “What’s the ship wanting to do? Why is it there?” So I said “It is wanting rest & rejuvenation & it’s waiting for instruction”.

After further exploration, I discovered that this ship was me, being afraid to pull out that anchor & explore the ocean, which is what I was created to do as a ship. The nail and rope were the feelings of unworthiness and limiting beliefs that held and tied me back from fulfilling my assignment in writing the book. When I went through that process in my mind, I felt a release to just let myself ‘be’ without holding back, no longer worried about whether people would judge me or my book or whether I was qualified enough or not.

My mind-set shifted as I realised that I am on a mission and I AM ENOUGH! I didn’t need external validation; I had researched enough on my topic & had been on a book-writing course already, so this ship had all it needed to get off the shore and sail! The following day, I came across a quote by Paolo Coelho that says, “A ship is safe in the harbour, but that is not the purpose of a ship”. My goodness! When I read this quote, put together with the experience with my coach, I began to write that book like crazy, and finished the manuscript within 6 weeks! I became unstoppable when I realised that I was enough!

I hope you too can find yourself in my story & pluck up the courage to go after your dreams, whatever they may be. Know that you are enough!

Fast forward to today, I am pleased to say that my book is selling well and I have received excellent feedback from my readers. I was also really chaffed when a school- ‘Roosevelt High School’ ordered bulk copies of my book, with the intention of making it available to their students in the library, as well as awarding it to best performing students at their prize giving ceremony. It brought tears to my eyes as I remembered that this had been one of my primary objectives for writing the book. I am now working towards ensuring that other high schools can incorporate my principles within their curriculum for personal development & life skills for their students.

Further to this, I’ve already helped 1 other author to get published & 2 others have their manuscripts at the editors, due to publish before Christmas this year! Yes my program “Write And Grow Rich” is changing lives and making dreams a reality. So if you are ready, today is when our doors open to officially start our Autumn program for “Write And Grow Rich

Below is a movie trailer I did just for you- Enjoy!

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Finally, I’m pleased to announce my nomination for the BEFFTA Awards Best Author of the year 2014. I would ask you as my valued readers & friends to Please cast your votes by this Wednesday 22nd Oct from the following link: Go to ART category 3 Best Author (scroll all the way to the bottom- second from last) and enter my name and your details to submit it. Thank you all for your continued support.







I want you to remember that you alone are enough! Whatever you decide to go after, you have everything within you to get it. You don’t need to wait for permission or validation, and like me the “ship”, pull out that anchor and sail on to fulfil your dreams- all you need is within you- go after it and see you at the top!

To your success!

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