What would it mean to have that book in your hand?

Would It Mean:

  • Finally knowing or proving that you’ve done something noteworthy in your life?
  • You can share your story and message with the masses and inspire someone else in the process?
  • A good and lasting legacy for your grandkids and generations to come?
  • Being seen as a credible thought leader in your field?
  • A nice steady stream of passive income?
  • One big thing it certainly means in this new economy is that you can now grow your business faster, easier, cheaper and work with dream clients as a result.

This Is For You If:

  • You desire to write a book but it’s still stuck in your head
  • You are a published author who is looking to expand your platform for business exposure and monetize your message
  • You are an Entrepreneur who is itching to create extra income, increase visibility and make significant impact in the marketplace as a thought leader
  • You are a speaker or a coach who would love to attract dream clients for your business
  • Are ready to play a bigger game

This Is Not For You If:

  • You think you’ve heard it all before
  • You are looking for a get rich quick program
  • You are not willing to put in all the work and follow through with the program
  • You do not have the finances to invest in yourself and in your business
  • You need approval to do what is best for you and your business

What To Expect In This Course

  • A proven blue print to getting your book written & published
  • How to write a successful story
  • How to format for Amazon
  • How to proof read on a budget
  • Increase your passive income and sales
  • Increase your confidence in becoming a credible expert
  • No longer experience career shame when talking to friends and family
  • Build a platform that makes your competition irrelevant
  • Accountability to stay on track with your writing goals

What’s Included

  • Exclusive Private Facebook group- get the chance to connect and network with
  • like-minded people who have similar interests as you
  • Weekly coursework
  • 9 hours of Live teleseminars conducted every 2 weeks (1.5hrs each call)
  • Downloadable worksheets, templates, checklists
  • Email support or Phone support depending on which track you choose


  • Delivery method
  • Six 1.5 hour Teleseminars every 2 weeks for 12 weeks
  • Can’t make it live? Get the recording (use the conference call access number)
  • Access to fb community – The writer’s block and private fb group The Writer’s Block Academy
  • Transcripts, handouts and worksheets
  • This is a science lab, not a classroom and as such, you will be expected to apply lessons as we go along

Testimonials- Here’s what others are saying-

“Epi Mabika, my Publishing Consultant, without your intervention I would not have managed to complete this book. It’s been a life changing experience for me. You have a great work ethic & your standard of excellence is matchless! I still can’t believe you managed to push this book out of me in 90 days! Thank you”. Gertrude

“Big thanks to Epi Mabika, for excellent, first class publishing consultancy service. You made my load light and bearable by your guidance. This book is an unquestionable evidence of Success Gravity. THANK YOU!” Daniel


A Final Note From Epi:

A couple of years ago, when I was deciding whether or not to enroll in a coaching program, I told myself that I didn’t need the extra support. I thought I could do it alone and still get big results. After experiencing frustration of my business going nowhere, with no one knowing about me, I realized how key that extra support and accountability really is.

There is no need for you to struggle to make this happen on your own. Why not get the support from someone who has been where you want to go and knows how to make your publishing dreams a reality.

I believe in you and know that with support, success is inevitable.

You can compress your timeline and reach your publishing goals in 90 days!

That’s what this program is about: No longer struggling, and no longer playing the guessing game- you are better than that and I believe in you.

Your desires exist for a reason, I believe you have a powerful message and now is the time to share it.
Let’s make it happen,
To your success,


Hello! I'm Epi Mabika, a book coach for aspiring authors & start-up entrepreneurs who want to establish their credibility to attract dream clients and build their Publishing Empire.