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Here is an Interview I did with Tsitsi Mutendi of  JEWEL MAGAZINE- which is a high end business, fashion and lifestyle magazine for women. It is a mass- market glossy that inspires the mind and feeds the soul of  women. The publication aims to fill a void for business, fashion, lifestyle and financial information that connects, supports and inspires women who are professionals, entrepreneurs, businesswomen and general business enthusiasts. Published monthly, the magazine provides a unique insight into the minds and work of  women, men and organisations.

I hope my writing journey ignites a passion for you to embark on your legacy journey, inspiring you to live a life beyond Success … to Significance.

(JM: Jewel Magazine)

(EM: Epi Mabika)


JM: How did your writing journey start?

EM: During my childhood, I loved and enjoyed story-writing as a form of self-expression, therefore, becoming an author was naturally a great vehicle for me to share my messages. The journey itself began with a sense of restlessness in my spirit, of knowing that I needed to play my part in positive contribution to our world. I found writing to be one of those ways.

JM: Who and what first influenced you to start writing?

EM: One of my great mentors Wayne Malcolm of International Coaching Achievers Network (iCAN) based in London inspired me to express my voice through writing. I call him a ‘champion nurturer’. I also love reading books, and being a student of Personal development, I felt that the hour is now ripe for others to read from me also.

JM: What personal fulfillment do you get from writing?

EM: Knowing that I have a voice and that what I have to say through writing is important. I find it very cathartic. I also relish being a part of success stories of those who have been motivated through my book, to improve their own quality of life or business.

JM: Brief us on your current project/s?

EM: My current project is the book that has just been published called ‘Success Gravity- 7 Keys to unlock your Dream Lifestyle’. It is a simple personal success formula that shows individuals how to create a balanced life that leaves time for family, friends, travel, hobbies, and ‘me’ time. By aligning with their true purpose through the 7 keys shared, it becomes possible to create a dream lifestyle that enables them to do what they love and love what they do. As we spend 1/3 of our conscious day at work/business pursuits, we realize that our day-time occupation is a central component to a well balanced life.  It also encourages an entrepreneurial mindset, which has become paramount following the global economic recession that exposed the myth of job-dependence or a single income stream.

JM: How have you experienced the writing process over the years?

EM: It has its rewards, however, it can be tedious at times and writer’s block can be the order of the day. It is therefore essential to take breaks in between writing, in order to re-focus and re-fuel. I find it most productive if I go away somewhere to clear my head and allow creativity to flow.

JM: What inspired you to go into writing?

EM: My experiences and knowledge acquired over the years, inspired me to condense the truths that I have discovered, into books that will serve others well and shorten their learning curve to success. Also my philosophy that writing is part of a legacy journey- it becomes the best shot at immortality, as the words within the pages will continue to speak to generations long after I am gone. A book goes to places I may never be able to go to, and speaks to audiences I may never meet. It truly is such a rich heritage.

JM: What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a writer and how have you overcome it?

EM: The biggest challenge for me was ‘writer’s block’, where I would just go blank and stuck- (quite a frustrating place to be). I solicited the help of a great coach who enabled me break psychological barriers that were holding me back.

JM: Who is Epi away from writing?

EM: My professional backdrop is in Dentistry. I am also a Vocational Strategist, Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle Coach and Entrepreneur. I currently serve as the Vice President of Toastmasters International- Grosvenor Square Speakers in London, where I have won multiple speaking awards. On the personal front, I am a fun loving, adventurous, globe-trotter who enjoys networking with individuals from all walks of life.

JM: Please share a few words of inspiration to budding writers?

EM: Each one of us has a story to tell, and writing is a great vehicle. You don’t need to wait for conditions to be perfect- just write. Start with an idea, a quote, a word- start with what you have, then edit afterwards. Think on paper. Writers write! Focus on the end game – how the book will impact other people’s lives a year from now. Think about how you will be doing a dis-service to them by not writing that book.  The world is waiting for you! Pen and paper should be your companion wherever you go, as I found that inspiration occasionally comes from the weirdest of places. Engage in activities that unleash your creativity.

JM: Career highlights?

EM: The speaking platforms and opportunities that this book has created are phenomenal. I now have a vision to spearhead a ‘Success Gravity’ movement that will create platforms for networking with powerful, influential people to infuse individuals (especially young people) with the right tools, information and strategies to take charge of every area of their life and succeed.

JM: Favourite book?

EM: Apart from the Bible, my favourite book is ‘The Alchemist’ by Paolo Coelho. He is an exquisite story-teller who has mastered the art of captivating an audience.

JM: Favourite Author?

EM: Jim Rohn- A Legendary and astute personal development guru, who was full of extortionate and remarkable wisdom.


I hope this gives you a bit of insight about my writing journey. Let me know your thoughts, leave a comment below.



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