Could this be YOUR year?

Around this time of the year, people often become contemplative, especially while pondering the passage of time. As you ponder about your life and make plans for the year ahead, I would like to remind you about the importance of setting written goals, taking action and taking risk. Without goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia, allowing our lives to be empty and our years- elusive. I want to urge you to start 2014 on a HIGH!- In as much as an aircraft is required to take off at FULL THROTTLE for it to take off at all, so must you begin the year with HIGH MOMENTUM. Once the aircraft takes off at full throttle and reaches the required height, it can then ease off and go in to autopilot. The same should be true with you this year. Go at it with all you’ve got, while you are still hyped up about starting something new or having a fresh approach to what you are already doing. Do not back down, do not give in, do not procrastinate- in fact- procrastinate procrastination! Once all your plans are in place and moving swiftly, then you can relax and enjoy the ride later in the year. Take major strides now at the beginning of the year, in order to avoid being left behind to play catch-up later. Here are three things I want to share with you:

Take stock!

Know where you are financially, physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, career-wise, business wise, relationally, in order to know where you want to go. Just like a satellite navigator needs to know where you are in order to map out a route of where you want to go,  have a clear snapshot of where you are. Write out your goals in each of these areas and put them into categories of short, medium and long-term goals, with a view to assess them every quarter of the year. Writing down goals has the power to activate your subconscious search engine to help you find answers, resources or people that will make those goals a reality.

Take action! 

Action is the bridge between thought and reality. Change your attitude about your life and business- be PRO-ACTIVE, not RE-ACTIVE. If you are going to be successful this year, it’s going to be by CHOICE and not by CHANCE. Choose to be active. Stop treating your business like a hobby- What one thing can you do to take it to the next level? It could be as simple as making use of social media managers and tools to increase your online visibility and engagement. What action will you take?

Take Risk! 

As Mark Zuckerberg puts it ‘the biggest risk is not taking risk at all…in a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that’s guaranteed to fail is not taking risks’. Time spent thinking about doing something takes away the time you have to actually do it. Be bold enough to take calculated risk and do what it takes to make your goals a reality. You may need to tweak your strategies from time to time, but keep your focus sharp. You will soon discover that there is never any loss in taking risk, because you either win or learn. Be resilient, be persistent, be bold and go for it- just do it!

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“You can open the book that will open your mind to new knowledge, leading to dramatical success in your life and business right now- Look no further”. Sally Pederson -Canada

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About the book:

Success Gravity is a virtual coach that empowers the reader to answer and reflect upon questions about their own life with a view to finding solutions. It effectively acts as a ‘Midwife’ to help birth the dreams and potential locked up inside the reader.

Inside this book, you will find:

  • Inspiring stories that one can actually relate to and keep motivated to stay on track with their goals;
  • Reflection points to help the reader get the most out of the book;
  • A candid account of the author’s journey from coward to confident through finding her voice;
  • A step by step process of how the author paid off her debt and crossed over to financial freedom;
  • An eye opening connection between your mind, your mouth and your manifestations;
  • Practical steps to freeing our most valuable resource of time (not money), so it is spent doing the things you love;
  • A new mindset which offers a divergent perspective of success in terms of achieving personal and business goals. It sheds new light on the common issue of success being defined as cars, houses, and money;
  • The missing link to true success- How your contribution towards the success of others, actually helps fortify your own experience of success.

So what’s stopping you? Give yourself permission to be, do and have all you have ever dreamed of – Make 2014 your best year yet!





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