You Are Enough

As the year draws to an end, you may be experiencing a lot of reflective moments- I know I certainly have, and it’s mainly been around the changes I can see today in comparison to where I was this time last year. This reflective thinking puts life into perspective and can help you consciously decide… Continue Reading

Lessons from the Field

So the World Cup fever has been cured and the ‘resume life’ button has now been pressed, replacing the ‘pause’ button for most football fanatics. (► Resume ■ Stop  ▌▌Pause ◄◄ Rewind). Whether or not you are a fan of football, there are Life and business lessons to be extracted from the game that can… Continue Reading

Zero to Hero

So we are half way through the year already! Wondering how that’s gone so fast? Well I recommend you stop wondering and start being intentional about your life. When you live life intentionally, nothing will catch you on the blind side by surprise because you are living consciously, with a level of expectation of an… Continue Reading

The 'B' Word

So the UK National budget was recently announced by the chancellor, and changes have been made for the financial year ahead that affect all of us- What does this mean for you? Read more about it at the end. As the New financial year begins this April, maybe its time for you to review your own… Continue Reading

Keep The Momentum

  “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins- not through strength but by perseverance”. H. Jackson Brown  February is almost over and being the shortest month of the year, it can sometimes feel as though it’s the most unproductive. All the buzz about the “New Year” has subsided and… Continue Reading

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