Epi Mabika is a Transformational Speaker, Empowerment Agent and Success Catalyst for Organisations & Entrepreneurs.

She is a dynamic and inspirational orator with a passion to ignite success within the hearts of her listeners. Speaking with contagious enthusiasm, Epi ensures that her audiences are left with clear strategies to empower them for transformation.

Book Publishing- PAWAR Conference Speech from Epi Mabika on Vimeo.

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  • A Conference Speaker
  • A Competent Leader for Toastmasters
  • A Former Vice President of Toastmasters International Grosvenor Square Speakers.
  • A Speaker for the upcoming TEDx Square Mile Event.
  • A Workshop Facilitator for Public speaking


Epi creates customized presentations based on the goals and outcomes for a particular engagement.


She is available to speak for:

  • Corporates
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Conferences
  • Church Organizations
  • Women’s Groups
  • Youth Groups.


Her Soft Skills Topics Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Confidence and Assertiveness skills
  • Inspired public speaking & presentations
  • Book publishing in the new economy
  • Business Strategies for Creative Entrepreneurs


Her Signature Topics Include:

  • Speak Up! There’s a message in your voice – finding your voice; living an authentic life; overcoming limitations from your past ; Effective communication; Inspired public speaking, confidence and assertiveness
  • Success GRAVITY– Business strategies for Creative Entrepreneurs – includes book and article publishing; Goals; Relationships; Attitude; Vision; Integrity; Time management; Your contribution
  • Unleash the Lioness within – Roar with confidence (Acronym for ROAR) includes Emotional intelligence; effective communication; give yourself permission, confidence and assertiveness, Personal effectiveness, public speaking
  • Life By Design – (finding balance & purpose) work life; pursuing your dreams; creating your freedom-based lifestyle; living in the moment ; Business strategies


Upcoming Events:

  1. PAWAR conference 20 June 2015. Crown Plaza Hotel- Birmingham UK 11am-5pm
  2. AFM YOUTH Empowerment Conference 4h July 2015. Worthing UK 11am


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Hello! I'm Epi Mabika, a book coach for aspiring authors & start-up entrepreneurs who want to establish their credibility to attract dream clients and build their Publishing Empire.