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So we are half way through the year already! Wondering how that’s gone so fast? Well I recommend you stop wondering and start being intentional about your life. When you live life intentionally, nothing will catch you on the blind side by surprise because you are living consciously, with a level of expectation of an outcome you intentionally planned for. Now things don’t always go according to plan, however, we miss 100% of the shots we never take! Why not increase your chances by at least taking the shot. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

It’s time to take stock once again. How far are you in relation to your 2014 goals? If not very far, don’t despair you still have time to ‘make it happen’ this very year. Start by asking yourself the following:

  • Do you need to take a fresh approach to your goals? (A new way to see the old)
  • Change your associations? (Let go of the negative people- Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge!)
  • Make that application? (If they say no, that’s ok because NO simply means- Next Opportunity)
  • Enroll for that course? (The cost of ignorance is greater than the investment of knowledge)
  • Hire that coach? (Someone who has gone where you want to go- you get to your destination faster by coach than by foot)
  • Make that move? (There is no better time to start than now- Noah built the ark before the rain, so start before you are ready)
  • Write that book? (Get instant credibility- the world is waiting to hear from you!

Notice that these are all action-oriented introspections. Get rid of all the excuses and give yourself the chance to become a hero on your own terms, through accomplishing those goals you have set for yourself this year. Remember, you either get results, or you get to keep your excuses– the choice is yours but you do get something.

That being said, last month I was privileged to become a final nominee for the ZAA Female Entrepreneur of the year award! Wow, really wondered how that happened!

about-img3I attended this very award ceremony last year as a guest, having great admiration for all the nominees and award winners, and this year, the tables had turned in my favour! Since then, I have created partnerships and synergistic relationships, increased my network horizon, and secured platform opportunities to speak and teach others on how to succeed in their lives and businesses. This experience has really opened doors for me in a way that I had only dreamed about this same time last year.

So this month we would like to offer you a chance to move from zero to hero. The truth is, it takes years to become an ‘overnight success’, however you can take a shortcut by hiring a coach or expert to get you there faster.

Find out how you can move from obscurity to significance, and get instant credibility as an Author in your field. It’s time to come out of the woodworks and let people read about you and hear YOUR Story. It’s time to let YOUR voice be heard.

We are offering a fast action bonus to the first 10 people who sign up within the next 72 hours. As well as guidance on structure and publishing of your book, we will include help to launch and market your book. We will also tell you how you can create multiple income streams from your book. Join the people who have already signed up to say ‘yes’ to themselves, as they believe they have what it takes to go from zero to hero with our help. Get to your goals SOONER, FASTER, AND EASIER!

For further information, write to us at to see how we can work with you as a publishing consultant to help you get your book in your hand in as little as 90 days.

Here’s to the undiscovered hero in you!

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Till next time…

To your success!


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  1. Thank you Jesca. Glad you found it inspirational. Let us know how best we can be of service to you

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